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How many applicants are selected for the Future Educator Fellowship?

Fifteen applicants are selected to be fellows. 

Am I eligible if I graduate before the end of 2024? 

Yes, you are still eligible if you graduate before the end of the fellowship. However, you must start the fellowship as a current PA student (didactic or clinical). 

Are there application fees or associated costs?

There is no application fee. PAEA will cover all expenses associated with the fellowship for the selected applicants.

What is the time commitment for this fellowship?

The fellowship is not designed to compete with your first priority as a PA student. Nonetheless, students must commit to the learning experience and the activities required to complete the fellowship. At most, we might anticipate a few hours a month which might include a group discussion via Zoom.

What role does the faculty mentor play?

The faculty mentor is intended to be an additional advisor, apart from the educators on the PAEA Future Educator Development Steering Committee, to support your interest in PA education by answering questions and bouncing ideas off of, etc. The mentor would have regular check-ins with the Fellow to ensure they are on-track, and help them with their capstone project, if necessary.

How do I submit the forms to my program director and faculty mentor?

Once you complete and finalize your application, the forms will be automatically sent to your program director and faculty mentor.

What information is needed from my program director and faculty mentor?

The Faculty Mentor and the Program Director certification forms need only their names and emails to confirm their support for your participation in the Future Educator Fellowship program. No formal letter of recommendation is required. 

Where can I find more information about this fellowship?

Check out our webpage for more details on FEF.