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How many applicants are selected for the Student Health Policy Fellowship?

Up to twenty applicants will be selected to be fellows. 

Am I eligible if I graduate in 2023? 

You are still eligible if you are scheduled to graduate after August 1, 2023 and have approval from your program director/assigned faculty mentor.

Are there application fees or associated costs?

There is no application fee or costs associated with participation.

What is the time commitment for this fellowship?

The fellowship involves a three-day workshop and the time necessary to complete a community-based advocacy project.

What role does the faculty mentor play?

The faculty mentor is intended to be an additional advisor, beyond PAEA Government Relations staff, to you as you implement your community-based advocacy project. It is not a formal or intensive role that will require significant time for the mentor.

How do I submit the forms to my program director/faculty mentor?

Once you complete and finalize your application, the form will be automatically sent to your program director.

Where can I find more information about this fellowship?

Check out our webpage for more details on the Student Health Policy Fellowship.